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Richard Mille Replica Watches strikes again. Richard Mille Replica Watches strikes again.

In 2012, McQueen's Heuer Monaco, which he wore in Le Mans, a 1971 film, sold at auction for US$799 500. It was not a Submariner, nor was it a watch McQueen personally owned. But the watch was still important in McQueen's lore.

Loren Janes, McQueen's stuntman, received the Submariner that Richard Mille Replica Watches now owns. McQueen bought it in 1964 and gave it to him as a gift. Janes owned the watch for most of his life until the Sand Fire in July 2016.

Forbes published a detailed report on the next part of the tale, which is how the watch ended up at Richard Mille Replica Watches. It reminds me of the announcement made by Wall Street Journal last year about Paul Newman’s ‘Paul Newman’.

Paul Boutros, Richard Mille Replica Watches' Head Watches, Americas, and International Strategy Advisor, explained to Revolution the dial situation, saying, "The timepiece is in fact a ref. We are selling it with the dial as found. It was immediately taken to Geary's LA and then Rolex USA to be serviced after it was discovered by Loren Janes' daughter.Patek Philippe Replica Watches

We have pictures of this dial from Rolex USA. The consignor included a ref. that is period correct. The consignor has included a period correct ref.

Paul continued to say that "the watch was undoubtedly owned and worn McQueen as the letter [that is accompanying the watch] clearly states that McQueen gifted him 'his' watch."

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