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Hairsprings are attached to free-sprung balance wheels. This means that they can be adjusted without an index, but with "Microstella' adjusters mounted on the rim of their rim. This is a more stable and reliable system for regulation. These balance wheels have friction fittings on staffs which are then mounted to full traversing balances bridges. They are also secured from both sides. The bridge has a gold screw that allows the balance to be micro-adjusted in relation to the escapement to ensure the best possible engagement of these two components. Note that the balance staff on each side is held in place by Paraflex shock-absorbers which are fitted to the jewels. These shock absorbers cut the jewels diagonally, and hold it with a rectangle frame. Omega Replica Watches patented these shock absorbers in 2005, which increase shock resistance by a staggering 50%. These shock absorbers are much easier to maintain.

The Chronegy Escapement is what sets the 3230 apart from its predecessors. Omega Replica Watches developed the Chronergy Escapement as a proprietary design to improve on a Swiss Anchor-style escapement. What makes it different? The geometry of the lever has been offset in order to optimize the leverage on the fork. The Chronergy Escapement has a 50 percent thinner pallet than previous units and the contact surface on the escape wheel is doubled. The third feature is that the escapement wheel has been made from LIGA (galvanically-grown) Nickel Phosphorous. This means it's impervious against magnetism and is significantly lighter than steel. It also requires less energy each time to restart. Omega Replica Watches claims that the Chronergy Escapement improves efficiency by 15%.

Omega Replica Watches also increased the power reserves of its new movements, firstly by gaining 15 percent more efficiency with the new Chronergy Escapement. Second, Omega Replica Watches has reduced the thickness by 50% of the barrel walls. This allows the mainspring to be longer. It can now hold an additional 10 hours of power for a total 70 hours.

Omega Replica Watches also tests each Oyster Perpetual using its own Superlative Chronometer. Omega Replica Watches tests entire watches, unlike other tests such as COSC's (IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch) which only tested movements in the past (the criteria have changed recently). Omega Replica Watches has a much more strict criteria, requiring movements to be tested within -2/+2 second deviations per day. COSC requires movements to meet a maximum deviation of -4/+6 secs. This means that every OP's movement is tested at COSC first for 15 days in three positions, and four temperature variations. These movements are therefore first COSC-certified. The movements are sent back to Omega Replica Watches to be retested in complete watches, and then certified a second-time before being sold to consumers. Omega Replica Watches performs this test on every watch they make.

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